WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "Sometimes just sort of the way it goes though, with the back and forth of things. I just hope, you know, they make a good decision about it," said Wichita resident Jan Vicory.

Vicory is talking about Monday's Senate Chamber meeting in Topeka where lawmakers talked about something many don't agree on: The southern border.

"There's one that was had, I was particularly interested in, I'd like to make a motion on. It was the money we put towards the border," said Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson.

It's on the heels of Governor Laura Kelly vetoing a number of things from the $25 billion state budget, including more than $15 million allocated to send the Kansas National Guard to help at the border of Texas and Mexico.

"Given the untold needs that our citizens have in this state, the mere idea that we would take millions of dollars and send it to another state. For what gain? I have no idea," said Sen. Tom Holland.

"On social media, the cartel is paying $15,000 a carload to go to the border and haul people to Phoenix. That's what's going on," said Sen. Rick Billinger.

Senators on both sides of the debate firmly stood their ground.

"It may seem like a big thing to us. That $15 million. And it is a big thing to us because... Another thing I learned is every state in this nation is a border state at this point," said Masterson.

"I just wanted to make sure that we understand that we are going to have our Kansas taxpayers pay twice. The federal government is typically the one that allocates funds for border security," said Sen. Usha Reddi.

After the debate, a motion to override the Governor's veto of the $15 million for the southern border passed 28 to 12.

Vicory says as a taxpayer, she personally doesn't mind spending the money if Texas needs the help.

"It's important that we, you know, support the government or whatever, the soldiers, however it goes, you know. We need to do our part," said Vicory.

The House later also passed a motion to override the veto. However, Gov. Kelly still doesn't have to send the guard to Texas. If she doesn't, the money will eventually roll back into the general fund.