HOWARD, Kan. (KAKE) - Several areas of Kansas were hit by strong winds and heavy rain Saturday night as severe weather rocked multiple parts of the state.

A part of Highway 160 that runs through Elk County was closed following the storm because of serious flooding.

“After the storms, after the tornado aspect of it, we dealt with the flooding, so our roads had to be closed,” said Elk County Emergency Manager Erica Cordell. 

The highway reopened Sunday night, but there are still some dirt and gravel roads throughout the county that can be kind of tricky to drive on due to potholes, puddles, and mud from flooding.

Looking at the city of Howard now, you wouldn’t know that it was hit by heavy rain and strong winds just two days prior. All that’s left to show are some tree branches on the ground, and puddles of water on the side of the road.

“We were very fortunate that our damage was very minimal,” Cordell said.

She says the county was aware of the possible severe weather, so it was preparing ahead of time by making sure people knew where shelters were and that they needed to look out for the weather.

While this storm didn’t bring many problems for the people in Elk County, Cordell wants people to stay weather aware and be prepared.

“Stay alert, as this is just the beginning of storm season,” she said.