WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Reggie Cazenave served in the National Guard for 12 years.

He said that medical problems that have come up in recent months have put a financial strain on him and his family, forcing them out of their home and onto the streets.

"I even had landlords turn me down because they said, even jobs turned me down," Cazenave said. "Because they said we don't want to deal with anybody with an issue with PTSD or something like that. What if he acts out? Or what if he does this? And I'm like, that's not who I am."

He recently got in touch with Passageways, a non-profit Wichita group dedicated to housing homeless veterans.

The group's co-founder Jennifer Garrison said that younger vets like Cazenave often don't have a sense of community after leaving the service.

"One of the things we hear the most is they're so alone, they feel so lonely. And then depression kicks in," Garrison said. "They're not connected with fellow veterans. They need something where they can all get together and understand what each other is going through and continue to have each other's backs after serving."

Thursday, the American Legion announced it would be opening up a new post in Wichita at Oxford Vista, dedicated to helping vets find housing.

Sen. Jerry Moran was at the announcement.

"There's a lot of demand for housing generally, but veterans need this kind of opportunity," Moran said. "And we're glad to see the public-private effort to find housing for senior veterans."

However, passageways, and property managers say it's still a long road ahead to get all homeless vets off the streets.

Kris Sims has been helping homeless and low-income vets find housing for four decades.

She said that she's frustrated with how the city and other organizations have talked about the subject.

"They talk about they come in, and they go up, but there's still all these ones on both sides of the coin," Sims said. "And when they push them into something, like when they're not ready to be housed, then they're going to be out on the street again, in bad month, and then they're going to have more homeless than what they had before."

Sims has an appointment with Cazenave Friday to see if she can find a place for him and his family to stay.