TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Governor Laura Kelly has vetoed a bipartisan tax cut package, describing it as “too expensive."

In its place, she announced an alternative tax cut package for the Legislature to consider when it returns to the Statehouse later this week.  

“Kansans need meaningful sales, property, and income tax relief. However, we must ensure that the plan is affordable for the long term,” the Governor said. “We must be mindful of the fiscal mistakes of the previous administration and ensure we can provide tax relief while continuing the progress we have made as a state.” 

Governor Kelly’s plan is $433 million per year, which is less costly than what the Legislature sent to her desk, which was $520 million when considering all tax bills being proposed. The bills sent to the governor’s desk also did not include the child care tax credit that is vital to Kansas families.

The governor’s plan reduces the overall costs of these proposals by nearly $90 million per year while ensuring all taxpayers are provided meaningful and comprehensive tax relief. 

The plan would accelerate the elimination of the state's grocery sales tax to July 1; retain the current three tax bracket system, though rates would be lowered; increases the standard deduction, personal exemption and child care tax credit for dependent care expenses; immediately eliminates state taxes on all Social Security income; and cuts property taxes for Kansans by exempting the first $125,000 of all homes from the statewide property tax levy.