VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (KAKE) - The Valley Center High School boys varsity baseball team is under investigation after allegations of animal cruelty involving a chicken. Right now their season is suspended pending the investigation. 

On Tuesday, Valley Center police said the allegations involved the varsity baseball team and the coaches killing a chicken on school grounds.

There have been mixed reactions to the allegations.

"This isn't something anyone should be fired over,” said Hunter, a sophomore at Valley Center High School.

"If you're not killing an animal to harvest it for its food or to eat it, then it's cruelty,” said Sarah Demitras, an elementary school parent. 

The Valley Center police chief says the investigation began on Monday when a school employee told the school resource officer something had happened. The chief says police are looking into claims the incident happened on the field Saturday before the team left for an away game.

The District has suspended the varsity season during the investigation.

"I feel like it's taken out of proportion. I feel like a lot of the boys are getting an opportunity taken away from them for something that maybe not everyone was included in,” said Johnson. 

"Why would a bunch of kids be doing that kind of activity, especially with adults supervising? We gotta do better for our kids. We gotta do better for our community,” said Demitras. 

The District says the rest of the season is up in the air until the investigation is finished.

At this point, the Police Chief says he still has another coach to interview before making any decisions. No arrests have been made at this point.  Although the Chief says if someone ate the chicken after it was killed it would not be considered animal cruelty.