ROSE HILL, Kan. (KAKE) - Neighbors say around 3 a.m. Saturday they woke up to the sound of fire trucks heading to the Rose Hill house that sits on the corner.  

As a result of the fire, three people have died and nothing is left but a shell of the home along with a crafted piece of stone sitting in the yard that reads 'Williams.'  

Neighbors are still confused as to what caused the fire and are concerned for the family.   

"The daughter-in-law and her family live next door to the house that burned," said Gary Parker who lives down the street from where it happened.  

Parker said he and his wife immediately checked on the daughter-in-law whose husband is currently deployed in the Air Force. The Parkers wanted to see if she needed anything including a place to stay.  

They believe the 3 people who died in the fire were the mother, father and grandmother of the man deployed.   

Josh Bohannan, who also lives in the neighborhood, said he met the father on several occasions.  

 "He went by Flip due to what he does for work he rebuilt transmissions…he did custom work for a lot of drag racers." 

Parker shared that the Rose Hill community is one that stands together in times of need.  

"I just noticed on Rose Hill neighborhood watch that 3 people lost their lives here and I don't know what happened but people are asking to donate money to the family," said passerby Steve Jones.  

Jones shared his Facebook page with us showing how the community were all wanting to know what they could do for the family.  

Crews say approximately 50-75 percent of the house burned but they were able to get the fire under control within 45 minutes.