WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Saturday marks two months since a Derby man died after a crash at Rock Road and Bradley Fair.

Twenty-two-year-old Gabriel Cortez lost his life in February and a memorial still stands where he died. His mother is asking for a change at this intersection and some people agree.

“I'm trying to grasp the loss of my son, sorry. Has been incredibly tough,” said Sarah Miranda, Cortez’s mother.

Miranda, is still grieving the loss of her son.

Wichita police say that back in February a motorcycle and minivan crashed at Rock Road and Bradley Fair and two other cars were also hit. Cortez was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I'm getting videos of my son raking some, you know, raking a new mom's snow, you know because her husband is deployed. You know, that's the type of person my son was,” said Miranda.

Miranda is calling for changes from the city of Wichita for that intersection. As she now lives with the pain, the sorrow that anyone who has lost a child must endure. 

“I'm requesting that they make that like a hard stop. To where yes, there's a light so it's not a yield or it is a full-on you need to stop to turn it needs to be a complete turn, turn lane,” said Miranda.

This is a busy road on the east side, one with thousands of cars driving through. According to KDOT, a traffic count map of Sedgwick County shows about 30,000 cars drive in this area every day.  

“Here's specifically I always feel like I have to be on guard because people just don't, they just don't care. They're consistently going to be rushing around the corners. They're going to try and make the light every single time,” said Wichita resident Josiah Stevenson.

“I felt pretty safe on just about all the intersections in this area of this intersection particularly I haven't had any issues with,” said Wichita resident Camryon Burnett.

So, what is Miranda’s message to people driving around Rock Road and Bradley Fair?

“Watch for motorcyclists. Stay off your phones and my son, even at 22 was always the kid that was like, if my phone rang, mom get off your phone,” said Miranda.

Miranda has a meeting with Mayor Lily Wu and the traffic department next month asking for a change to this intersection.