WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Another interesting development in the murdered Hugoton women case involves the affidavit and an anti-government religious group called God's Misfits.

The four suspects arrested claim to be members. On Thursday KAKE spoke with a leader in God’s Misfits who says he has nothing to do with those in Oklahoma. 

It was an emotional conversation with the pastor who identifies himself as Preacher Squirrel. He says it's been difficult to stay positive when he’s been faced with so much negativity recently. 

“I am not an anti-government murderer,” said Preacher Squirrel. 

Preacher Squirrel is a man on a mission. A mission to spread the word of God through his website and youtube videos.

His mission has been derailed after the affidavit was released following the murder of two Hugoton women, Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelly. Four people are behind bars for murder and according to the affidavit they claimed to belong to a group called God’s Misfits an anti-government religious organization that differs greatly from Preacher Squirrel’s God’s Misfits. 

“Satan has hijacked the name God’s Misfits and used it to use horrendous heinous acts,” said Squirrel. 

He says God’s Misfits is just the name he and his wife Sunshine call themselves when they are spreading God's word.

Squirrel says he’s never even been to Oklahoma and knew nothing of the 4 people charged until reading the national headlines earlier this week. 

“And then those four claim the name of my God. They’re not serving the same God I serve,” said Squirrel. 

Now he is speaking out and trying to clear his name. Squirrel says he’s been running his website (gods-misfits.org) since 2015, always staying true to his greater purpose in this life. But recently his website has seen more than usual traffic. 

“My website blowed up from getting maybe 10-20 hits a month, it got like 1440 hits,” said Squirrel. 

He says being caught in the center of such a controversial case has been difficult but not close to as difficult as life must be in Hugoton right now.

“It breaks my heart that this happened to those two ladies who didn’t deserve it at all,” said Squirrel.

Squirrel wanted to clear his name and make sure people knew his true intentions to spread the word of God. He says he’s praying for the families affected by this tragedy in Hugoton.