OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (KCTV) -- A trapped hawk at a popular driving range in Overland Park turned into an hours-long rescue operation.

Overland Park police received a call about a bird caught in one of the attraction’s large nets Wednesday.

When Animal Control Officers arrived, they found the red-shouldered hawk trapped in a net at least 120 feet in the air. The officers called the fire department, game warden, and Operation Wildlife. The experts and emergency crews brainstormed because no one had a ladder tall enough to reach the bird.


Overland Park police officers rescue a hawk caught in the netting at Top Golf.

After several hours, Overland Park police said Top Golf found a truck tall enough to reach the bird.

Animal Control Officers from Overland Park and Prairie Village were able to eventually free the red-shouldered hawk from the net.

The hawk is now at Operation Wildlife for care. They hope the hawk will heal and eventually be able to be released back into the wild.

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