Tim Carmichael and Henry Lee Fisher were long time friends, dating back to their time in grade school. They graduated together from Haven in 1965, and were soon drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War.

"Henry and I wrote letters to each other fairly often, and he was planning on coming to where I was at on R&R for a week or two," Carmichael said. "It was about two or three weeks before he was going to be gone on R&R, I got a letter from my mom that said Henry was killed in action in Vietnam."

Carmichael was devastated.

"I remember going out on the bank of rice paddy and screaming as loud as I could. I think I scared all the water buffalo away, but it was quite a shock."

In the years since, Fisher has become known in Haven as a hometown hero.

This year, Kansas lawmakers unanimously passed a bill that would rename part of K-96 after Fisher.

The bill now needs to be signed by Governor Laura Kelly. Once that happens, that stretch of K-96 will officially be renamed in honor of Henry Lee Fisher.

That stretch of highway would join several other memorials dedicated to him in Haven.

"We started off small we did a dedicated a bench over here in the park," says Fisher's nephew Jake Feil. "He's got a small plaque on the bench and we gave that to the park. And then the mural that Brady Scott out of Hutchinson painted for us...it's got Henry's picture in the mural. And then I decided we needed to go bigger."

However, the family still needs to raise $12,000 for the signs that would go up on the highway. Feil said that although the family already raised about half of what they need, now, they're planning a fundraiser to bring in the rest of the money.

As for Carmichael, just knowing his best friend will never be forgotten is what is most important.

"There's too many veterans that's been killed over there that just slip away from people's memories," Carmichael said. "But Jake is helping preserve Henry's time and I think it's great."

The fundraiser is being held May 9 at The Baker Ballroom in Hutchinson, and will feature live music and food.