WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Ring Doorbell footage captured the moment a burglar jumps a fence into a back yard in south Wichita back on March 29.

He can be seen putting two French Bulldogs on the ground, then he jumps the fence, picks up the dogs and runs off.

Lexi Leavell is the owner of one of those French Bulldogs, named Giovanni.

"It really has me physically mentally and emotionally distraught," Leavell said. "This is probably one of the worst things that could have ever happened."

She said that the dog was staying with her sister for a short at the end of last month time when the dog was stolen. She was heartbroken to hear the news from her sister, and immediately began the search.

"I went from house to house knocking on the door with my boyfriend," Leavell said. "We went house to house knocking on doors asking them if they had Ring doorbell cameras...is the sensitivity where you know it would catch somebody walking in your yard."

This case appears to be the latest in a nationwide trend of people stealing valuable bulldogs. One headline after another from across the country shows the number of bulldogs being stolen. The crooks then resell the dogs for thousands of dollars.

"Why would you steal a dog?" Leavell wonders. "That's somebody's best friend. That's somebody's family member."

Despite the search going on for weeks now, Leavell is holding out hope that Giovanni will be found.

"I just hope that whoever's watching this, I really hope that they have the heart to do what's right, and bring Gio home to me."

If you can identify the suspect in the video, or have any idea about the whereabouts of the dog, call Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111.