WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Editor in Chief Sherman Smith, and the rest of the staff at the Kansas Reflector were left confused after Facebook appeared to take down every link to articles on it's website that had ever been posted.

"Around 8:50 we got our first notice from readers that they were being notified that all of their links to our articles had been removed," Smith said. "Any posts that had a link to any story of any kind that we had ever published in four years, were being removed."

The Reflector is a non-profit independent news service that mostly covers Kansas politics.

Their Facebook page, and Facebook users who had posted links, received a notification saying the link violated the company's community standards on cybersecurity.

This lasted about seven hours on Thursday, until the issue was suddenly fixed.

"We've learned from our readers that they were being notified around 3:30 this afternoon that their posts were being restored," Smith said. "And when we tested it, we found that we could post links again as well."

The issue began around the same time that the Reflector attempted to post an opinion piece critical of Facebook's advertising methods.

Smith says although the link issue appears to be fixed, he's still wondering what might have caused this issue.

"As the article this morning mentioned, local media has a bigger imprint than Facebook, and is so important in getting information and news out to people," Smith said.

A spokesperson for Facebook's parent company Meta responded Thursday afternoon on X: 

 It should be noted that the Reflector is still unable to post the Facebook opinion piece in question.