JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. (KAKE) - The future of the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals is up in the air after Jackson County residents voted no on a tax to build the Royals a new stadium and pay for renovations to the Chief's Arrowhead stadium. As the teams take the time to reflect and figure out what their next steps are, one Kansas lawmaker is hopeful one of the teams may consider Kansas as its future home.

"For our state to say we have a professional baseball team would just be crazy good," said Sen. John Doll.

He says this would bring new hotels, restaurants, and other businesses to Kansas. Creating many jobs and giving the state a major economic boost of billions of dollars over time.

"Sometimes you don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore and I think Jackson County might figure that out if the Chiefs and Royals do move," he said.

He's wanted the Chiefs or Royals to come to Kansas for years. Now that the tax to build the Royals a new stadium and renovate the Chief's stadium to keep the teams in the county failed, he thinks the opportunity is presenting itself.

"It's there and you won't get many opportunities like this," Doll said.

Leaders with both the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals said they were upset about how the vote turned out.

"We're deeply disappointed as we are steadfast in our belief that Jackson County is far better off with the Chiefs and Royals," said Royals owner John Sherman after the results were announced.

"We will do and look to do what is in the best interest of our fans and our organizations as we move forward," said Chiefs President Mark Donovan.

Doll says this all just happened and it's too early to tell but he wants to give it a try.

"It would still probably be a very long shot but if you don't dream it you can't achieve it so I'd love to see it come on this side of the border," he said.