SALINA, Kan. (KAKE) - A Salina Taco Bell restaurant fell victim to a Bitcoin scam, police say.

Police Captain James Feldman said that an unidentified employee at the West Crawford location received a call from a suspected scammer posing as a corporate staff member who requested more than $1,500 in Bitcoin from the franchise. The employee then tried to verify the reliability of the corporate staff member.

"The person [suspect] stated there was a financial discrepancy, and the business needed to pay in Bitcoin to fix the issue," Feldman said. "The employee asked multiple questions which the subject was able to answer and ended up going and purchasing Bitcoin."

Feldman said the employee made three transactions for the franchise for $1,618 in Bitcoin. About two hours later, the employees realized the scam and contacted police.

An investigation is ongoing, and there are currently no suspects.