WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - After months of problems with the Towne West Square mall leaving tenants and business owners stuck in the dark, KAKE News started investigating the owner, and it turns out he has a huge list of problems at properties all across the country.

"Everybody says why don't you just move," said Towne West tenant Passageways.

After spending the week with no power at Towne West for the fifth time in just seven months, this might seem like the logical answer for a group like Passageways. But in a Facebook video this week, the group explains why it's not always that simple.

"It's because we are a nonprofit that does not receive any government money... Some of the places we've looked at are easily half a million dollars and up," it said in the video.

However, for the tenants who are able to leave, Towne West is losing them fast.

When the power went out last month, one of the mall's best stores for bringing in shoppers threw in the towel. Bin Shop'n said on Facebook it hoped for a lasting relationship with Towne West, but enough was enough.

"We're open ten to six today at our new location at 7700 East Kellogg in the parking lot of Towne East Mall," the company posted on March 2nd.

KAKE News is learning that it's not just Wichita where owner Mike Kohan is wreaking havoc.

According to its website, Kohan Retail Investment Group, out of New York, owns at least fifty other properties all across the country, and no matter where you turn, it's one horror story after another.

Our sister station in Des Moines, Iowa, reported that Kohan-owned Marshalltown Mall lost power in November, and the fire marshal forced businesses to leave for safety reasons over concerns the fire alarms wouldn't work.

Recent reports from Jackson, Mississippi, say Kohan neglected a building so much that after threats of potential jail time, a judge ordered him to tear it down.

And on Thursday, reports from Marquette, Michigan, say the power at Westwood Mall also got cut after Kohan wouldn't pay the bill.

The lingering question is, why?

In the meantime, Towne West tenants like Passageways hope Kohan knows how devastating this is to so many people.

"I've been joking about having a candlelight vigil with all of the store owners, and we'll send that to Michael Kohan in New York, and maybe that'll be a nice reality check of what his paid renters are, how we're functioning in Towne West," Passageways said.

KAKE News has not heard from Kohan since June. At that time, he promised us that any payment issue with his company was nothing more than a simple oversight.