WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A local 6-year-old boy made a donation to Fire Station 18 today, after spending a month selling his artwork.

Krishnum Ambal loves to paint. He was recently enrolled in his first art class and it completely inspired him. 

“I like all the art I make,” said Krishnum Ambal. 


In March, he decided to make more than 30 pieces of artwork and individually sell them for a purpose. He sold his artwork at his 6th birthday party. 

“I asked him what would you want to do with the money that you have after selling them and he said,' donate it,'” said Moumita Kundu, Krishnum’s mother. 

Ambal knew exactly where he wanted to donate the money to. He's been obsessed with firefighters since the age of 2. He’s even dressed up as a firefighter 3 years in a row for Halloween. 

"He wanted to do it for the firefighters of the community and give it back to them,” said Kundu. 

Krishnum raised $120 dollars for Wichita's fire station 18 and when he went to deliver it Friday he was greeted by a group of firefighters. 

“I’m so happy that he got to do this and come here and donate the money he has raised,” said Kundu. 

“At that age, to think of us firemen in that sense, it really just makes us happy,” said Chad McKernan, a firefighter at Fire Station 18. 

The young artist was given a tour of the fire station, allowed to sit in the driver seat of a fire truck, and learn about the fire fighting experience. He was even given a bag full of fire safety related goodies. 

“I always love having kids by the station, and we love giving tours and showing them the fire trucks, and a lot of kids have really great questions on how does this work? and, what is this? And he was no exception, he did a great job,” said McKernan. 

His mother told KAKE this was an experience of a lifetime, made especially special because he dreams of becoming a firefighter when he grows up.

“It means a lot. I’m so proud of him as a mom,” said Kundu.