STRONGSVILLE, Ohio (KAKE) - A 4-year-old Ohio girl has died after complications from a "common cold" caused her to have a stroke that required emergency brain surgery. 

Maisie Schmidt was removed from life support on Tuesday, according to a GoFundMe for the family. The girl went to the hospital last week for what "everyone thought would be an in and out visit."

Maisie's father, Patrick, told WOIO that they were told the preschooler had a common cold. Her parents were instructed to take her home and give her lots of fluids. 

Then, on Saturday, her parents took her to the hospital again. Maisie was lethargic and was given a CT scan. 

“They said that there was some bleeding on the brain, so they wanted to get a scan of that, and in the process of doing so they found that she actually had a very large stroke on the right side of her brain,” Patrick told WOIO. 

Maisie was diagnosed with the human metapneumovirus, which the Cleveland Clinic says is a virus that causes symptoms similar to a cold, such as coughing, wheezing and a sore throat. According to the CDC, the virus may progress to pneumonia or bronchitis and is similar to viruses that cause respiratory infections. 

“Most people may exhibit cold symptoms with this virus but unfortunately it's grabbed a hold of Maisie and isn't letting go,” the GoFundMe says. 

Maisie underwent brain surgery “to remove a large section of her cranium to relieve cranial pressure as well as part of her brain. The part of her brain that was removed usually serves of no significance and shouldn't affect any crucial functions after recovery,” according to the GoFundMe.

Maisie was taken off life support at 11 a.m. local time Tuesday. The following update was posted to the GoFundMe that day:

"I wish I could deliver a happy ending to this story. I wish I knew the right words to say to ease my loved ones pains and all those who were touched by Maisie. Around 11am today Maisie passed away. Typing these words hours after are still so surreal. I'm in disbelief that this could happen to such a sweet family. For those of you who were blessed by knowing Maisie you would know how caring, smart, fun and loving she was. She exhibited the best traits you could ask for out of a person. If there was one thing I'll remember about my niece was always her concern for peoples feelings. She wanted everyone to just be happy. So here it goes Maisie... I promise to give it my all to focus on only the positive things in life. To cherish every moment I get to spend with those I love. To love deeper and be more forgiving. I think those are all things we can learn from Maisie. There's so many times where we all just think of how life isn't fair. Maybe it's just because we're overlooking all the amazing things we have been given and take for granted. I am so proud to be your Uncle Maisie and I'll never forget what I have learned from you."


People Magazine contributed to this report.