WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A car stolen from a family receiving treatment at the Ronald McDonald house in Kansas City was recently found destroyed. Now the family is left without reliable transportation and medical supplies their car used to hold. 

Broken windows, missing seats, and a filthy interior. That's all that’s left of Jessica Calvin’s family’s car. 

“It looks like they took it and just like purposefully went to wreck it,” said Jessica Calvin. 

They were in Kansas City at the Ronald McDonald house getting their 3-year-old son Pedro Jr.’s life saving medical treatment when their vehicle was stolen.

The van was locked and parked in front of the building at 2AM Friday when it was stolen. 

They had only had the car for two years. 

“And we got it for him basically, because we have to go to Kansas City so much, and Wichita so much because of his condition,” explained Calvin.

Pedro Jr. has DiGeorge syndrome, heart defects, lung issues, and seizures. 

“To be able to get him to and from these doctor's appointments are essentially a means to keep him alive,” said Calvin.

The family frequently travels to Kansas city and Wichita to receive medical care, despite living in Liberal, Kansas. 

Police found the van Sunday, destroyed, in a bad part of town according to the family, but everything inside was all missing. 

“We had just gotten a new tire and rim and it was right here, it was taken. His oxygen was right here [also taken,]” said Calvin. 

 A nebulizer, many oxygen canisters, medications, clothing, diapers, and tools are all gone. 

“It’s one thing to have your car broken into, which is still horrible and all the same but to actually have it be taken and then found, it just kind of shocks you to the core I guess,” said Calvin.

The family is using a rental car for now but they are also raising money for a replacement through a GoFundMe. If you would like to make a donation, click here.

“It’s going to do a lot for our family. A lot. More than just you know a car. It kinda puts your faith back in humanity,” said Calvin. 

Because of what happened to the family while in Kansas City, they lost their home health nurse. Now, they're left to find another one in Liberal. If you know someone, connect the family with a new nurse by calling Maxim Healthcare at 316-201-9401,  and ask for a recruiter.