WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Trekking from Spain to Wichita State University seven years ago, Maria Rodriguez is creating a buzz on the local food scene.   

Rodriguez said she wants to change the way we dine in Wichita.  

“We just go to one place and that's it and then we go home. This way we can try different places, "said Rodriguez.   

Rodriguez’s love for running track is how she learned about WSU.  

Now in graduate school, she started Hopping 316 in January as her final capstone project.  

She calls it “Progressive Dining Experiences”  where she puts suggested meals together for people. 

Each month Rodriguez features 4 different local businesses on her website.  

"What it is is a traveling meal where we will start with a drink in a place then we will keep going with an appetizer at a second location, then the main dish and dessert somewhere else," added Rodriguez.  

Her project resulted in a boost in business for the local restaurant Bocatta Eatery and Pasta.  Owner Arnulfo Garcia said, “Because other people they asking for that, so she promoted it pretty much like they showed them to the people so they see it and they like to try it." 

Since starting Hopping 316, Maria has included giveaways to people with the winning post of their meals at different locations.  

She has even thought about her business has the potential for growth in other cities. 

You can find her suggested meals at Hopping 316 or on her Facebook and Instagram pages.