WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It'll cost a bit more for a button at Wichita Riverfest this year.

This higher price will come with Hunter Hayes as the headliner and an extra fireworks show. Still, for the more than a week-long event, the $20 price for adults and now the $10 cost for kids could be a surprise for some.

“To some people, it might not seem like something but down the line with inflation and everything going on right now is I feel like it's a domino effect,” said Sergio Martinez, a Riverfest goer.

Sergio Martinez isn't thrilled with Riverfest raising its prices but he understands why.

Riverfest leaders said Friday that 5-time Grammy Nominee Hunter Hayes will perform, and there will be an extra fireworks show. But that's not why button prices are going up.

“It's just doing business. And the prices have increased, I guess we could say for entertainment. It just seems like since COVID entertainment has gone very, very high,” said Nancy Duling, President and CEO of Wichita Festivals.

Martinez said he doesn't mind spending the extra $5.

“It's worth it as they're adding more stuff to it for sure,” he said.

Duling said she has taken calls about the higher cost to get in, but also points to the length of the festival.

“Your button will get you in for nine days of events and activities. And if you divide that by nine, it's $2.22. And that's cheaper than you know, a fancy cup of coffee,” said Duling.

Button sales start April 15, and can be purchased at the Wichita Festivals office at 444 E. William. Starting May 3, QuikTrip will also be selling buttons at all locations in Wichita, Derby and El Dorado.