WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Saturday morning a sea of green covered Wichita's historic Delano district as thousands of excited people came out to watch the Delano Paddy Parade and begin celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

"My favorite thing about here is gonna be going and watching the parade," said five-year-old James said. He's never been to the parade before but said he had a great time and he loved getting to see everyone and spend time with his family.

"It's very festive. Wichita is popping," said Bryce Unruh, another first-time parade goer. He and everyone else wore their best green outfits and got to the parade early to find a great spot to watch it at.

While it was some people's first time, other people make it out every year.

"I love just everybody celebrating and everybody wearing green. Everybody's out in the community and it's a gathering," said Alyssa Rodgers who has been going to the parade with her best friend from High School since the beginning.

Rodgers now lives in Texas but the parade is so important to her that she came back just for the event saying it's nice to be back in Wichita because it's special.

"It's just the amazing community we have and being able to come out with everybody and do things together," said her friend Sara Fulton.

The Delano Paddy Day Parade has been making memories for 18 years now and it's still going strong. One man said he goes there every year and he's never seen this many people come out for it. He's excited to see it's growing.

Dozens of Wichita businesses made floats and walked in the parade. From antique cars, music, and even dinosaurs there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Walking along the parade route you saw nothing but smiles. People enjoyed dancing to music, waving to trucks passing by, and more as they celebrated the holiday in the way only Wichita could.

"It's just everybody being happy," said eleven-year-old Anneleigha Jannisch when talking about her favorite part of the day.

"It's been a lot of fun. There's a lot of fun things to do and look at. Some stuff for the kids. We went and did chalk and face paint," said Courtney Hole who was also checking out the parade with her kids for the first time. 

Wichita showed up big with the community standing and sitting together as one painting the town as far as the eye can see.