WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - One woman is in critical condition after an apartment fire at Morgan's Landing Apartments near 13th and West.

Flames and smoke billowed out of the second floor of a Morgan’s Landing Apartment as crews worked to get it under control.

"I hear from the same lady because I recognized the voice yelling 'help help,' just screaming for help,” said Jayden Bruner, who lives across from where the apartment fire started.

Bruner lives in an apartment with his pregnant fiancé and two animals. 

“I look through my peep door and next thing you know I hear the smoke alarm, I start seeing smoke. And then that's when I started to get everyone evacuated from my house,” said Bruner.

Bruner says it was pitch black in the hallway. So, he thought the safest place for his family was the balcony as they anxiously waited for firefighters.

“I told the operator who was a wonderful operator, so shout out to her. And the fire department just came and grabbed their ladders,” said Bruner.

Fire investigators say a woman was sent to the hospital in critical conditions. Bruner says that woman is his neighbor who was the one screaming for help.

“We were able to gather some information from our fire investigators that the cause of the fire has been determined to be candle-lit some objects on fire. So the cause of the fire was candles,” said Jose Ocadiz, Wichita Fire Battalion Chief.