WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - When you walk into the Social Tap Drinkery in northeast Wichita you'll see big screens proudly displaying the Wichita Heights High School colors and logos as the boys basketball team fights for it's 8th state championship.

"It's a very exciting time for the players to be able to play there and the students to have that student section brought to Koch Arena," said Eric Filippi, Wichita Heights High Schools principal and biggest fan.

As a Heights alumni himself Filippi remembers the joy he experienced going to games and playing in school sports and he wanted all of his students to have the chance. A chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.

But tickets can be expensive. A ticket to each game is 10 dollars. There are also multiple games to go to which means that 10 dollars can add up very quickly.

So he took to Facebook and posted on the Heights alumni page looking for people to sponsor and was blown away by the response.

"It's a vision, a dream of having that small town feel," he said when talking about how it feels to see the community come together to cheer on the team.

Multiple local businesses reached out to him wanting to buy tickets for students. One of these was Social Tap which is owned and operated by three Wichita Heights High School grads.

"The energy of walking into the Heights basketball games was just unforgettable. Just the crowd, the energy it brought. I'm just excited to see these young kids have the same experiences and if we can help out with it, even better," said one of the owners Justin Neel.

Social Tap sponsored 60 tickets for students who wanted to go. Neel says it's all about the memories.

City Bites, Andy Kay's Cookies, and many Wichita Heights alumni also reached out.

Dave Bishop, the acting manager at City Bites in Wichita, said he wanted to help out because he loved Wichita Heights. A lot of people from his family went/go there and he wanted to show his falcon pride.

"Athletics are a very visible representation of the schools and it definitely pulls people together," Filippi said when talking about how he loves seeing the community come together.

He thinks the game will have an amazing turn out with tons of students showing up to cheer on their team.

Friday night at 8 p.m. the Wichita Heights Falcons will be facing off against the Northwest Grizzlies at WSU's Koch Arena as both teams hope for a state title.

KAKE Sports will have the game highlights for you.