TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Governor Laura Kelly issued a verbal state of disaster emergency proclamation Monday morning due to increased fire weather conditions across the state.

Warmer conditions, strong winds and low relative humidities will create high to very-high fire weather conditions for many parts of the state.

“Weather conditions are such that a high risk exists for wildland fires,” Governor Kelly said. “I urge everyone across the state to use extreme caution and avoid burning, if at all possible. A single spark is enough to touch off a fire that could have devastating consequences.”

“We can all do our part to prevent unwanted fires,” Rodney Redinger, Assistant Fire Management Officer, Kansas Forest Service, said. “If there are opportunities to avoid welding, using cutting torches or other activities that could cause a spark, please do so over the next few days. If you must engage in spark-causing activities, make sure to have a fire extinguisher, water pressure can or other tool for extinguishing ready for a fire that could ignite.”

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management will staff the State Emergency Operations Center starting tomorrow to assist counties and local responders if requested.