WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Wichita Police are still trying to find the killer or killers who fatally shot a one-year-old boy and hurt two women. One man who was in the apartment at the time of the shooting says he still can't believe what happened.

Michael Gladney II was inside an apartment at Sugar Creek with several people on what they thought was a normal Monday night. They were about to watch a movie and order food when everything changed dramatically.

Gladney said a barrage of bullets came through the window of his apartment, hitting his 1-year-old godson.

“We're all just sitting right here on the couch. Turned on a movie, and I ordered a pizza,” said Gladney.

Moments after he placed that pizza order, the shooting began.

"Then 10 seconds later it's over 15, 20, 30 shots coming through my window. And it's 4 or five kids in here,” he said.

That's when Gladney sprung into action while bullets were flying, to try and save everyone.

"I get up, I snatch my daughter up, and I push my girlfriend over the couch. She ends up getting hit while I’m pushing her over the couch,” said Gladney.

Gladney said he tried his best to keep everyone calm moving everyone into a back room behind the living room.

His father, Michael Gladney Sr. is trying to understand what happened.

“He's dealing with watching everyone get shot in this household over nothing,” said Gladney Sr.

Investigators say two 24-year-old women had been shot, including Gladney II’s girlfriend, but will survive. Gladney's 1-year-old godson died at the hospital.

“I just pray we all get it together one day because this isn't it,” said Gladney Sr.

Gladney Sr. came back to the apartment with his son on Tuesday. It was an emotional moment for both of them. They're still trying to process what they say was the motive behind the attack.

“He wanted to kill a woman for breaking up with him. And I just don't understand how when we got weak-minded to where that's the answer to that,” said Gladney Sr.

Gladney Sr. is still reeling from what happened. Including his son having to try and save everyone.

"Us as parents we do everything to try to make sure that our kids don't repeat what we went through,” said Gladney Sr.

When Michael Gladney came to get things from his apartment on Tuesday, he says he saw his late godson's diapers and it brought him to tears, because now he has no one to give them to. Police are still searching for suspects in the case.