WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - People are still processing the recent Kansas City mass shooting. One Wichita couple spoke out about their experience being close to the violence and escaping unharmed. 

“It was so much fun at first, you know, but then you see people coming over the wall that were hiding and crying. It was a lot. I don't even think my brain has processed it completely," said Teresa Crespo, who attended the event. 

A jam packed crowd was present Wednesday and excited about the Chiefs' recent Super Bowl win. 

“Before the gun violence, we were all one,” said Kenny Hartley, who was at the parade. 

Teresa Crespo and Kenny Hartley decided at the last minute to attend the Chiefs celebration. Moments before gunfire erupted, Teresa says she heard her guardian angel telling her to leave.

“And we left and not even 30 seconds later the gunfire went off behind us,” explained Crespo. 

The couple and Theresa's father in a wheelchair can actually be seen in the viral video taken of one of the suspects being tackled by fans, and they say they were too close for comfort. 

“It was terrifying. I get goosebumps just thinking about it,” said Crespo. 

They eventually made their way back to their car- escaping the situation unharmed, but on the way, they passed the other suspect who was in police custody. 

“I made eye contact with this guy and he was young. And I'm like, 'Why? Why?! These are kids!'” said Crespo. 

Twenty-three people were shot on Wednesday and more than half of them were children. The mass shooting also took the life of Lisa Lopez-Galvan. 

“There’s definitely going to be scenes people are not going to be able to get out of their heads forever,” said Crespo. 

Teresa and Kenny want all the victims to know they are praying for them and they have a message for them. 

“They’re very strong. There’s nothing in the world you can’t overcome. Cause when you reach deep down, you’re never alone,” said Hartley. 

Kenny has been a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, never wearing another team's merchandise. Wednesday's events changed that. 

“I have the Kansas City Chiefs on right now. That’s to support them. I will wear this hat to support Kansans, Kansas City Chiefs and those families that changed it,” said Hartley.