WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Organizers of the Dam Jam say the event is still happening and they’re working with the Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners to come to a resolution, even after the vote went south last week. A re-vote could be coming in the near future.

“We want to work together and figure out a plan and I’m really asking if you would please consider a revote,” said CJ Wilson, Dam Jam organizer.

The Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners met Wednesday to revisit the Dam Jam’s viability at Lake Afton after it was voted last week to not allow the music festival for one big reason, public safety.

“It is depleting resources that we need elsewhere that was the compelling problem that caused the no vote last week,” said Jim Howell, Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners.

But hope is not lost for the future of  Dam Jam and organizers say they have faith a resolution will be reached within a week. 

“Some of those solutions are, you know, looking for personnel that we can hire, having some of our own teams on site that work directly with the county and then presenting that and finding a solution,” said Wilson. 

Wilson says the Dam Jam already hires its own security and off duty deputies but if more are necessary, they’ll make it happen. The purpose of Dam Jam has been consistent from the beginning. 

“That whole goal from day one has always been to increase tourism so that we can get more into our economy. We don’t have oceans or mountains here so having a good time and having an event that can be a destination location that’s important,” said Wilson. 

The commissioners will vote on this issue again in the very near future, but no matter what, Dam Jam is still happening. 

"We've had people reaching out, you know, hey come here, we can help you. So I feel like no matter what we'll have a solution but I really feel positive and confident that we'll find a solution with the county,” said Wilson. 

For those that were concerned about Wheeler Walker Jr. performing due to his “inappropriate language” , Wilson was also able to clarify that those that do not wish to see that particular performance are welcome to leave the festival and reenter after that show at no additional cost.