WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's a marquee people drove down to Kansas City’s union station to see. This Super Bowl, the drive is 20 minutes or less depending on where you live.  

Alpha-Lits owner Shawna Powell said, "Emily Flood from Love of Character got with me and she's, like, 'why aren't we doing this in Wichita where you live?' You know, and lets just do something really big for the community." 

Around 120 light bulbs later, the marquee that says "Chiefs Kingdom" has its first Super Bowl in Wichita at Pumphouse Bar & Grill. 

Powell said she loves watching excited fans run up to take pictures and sometimes she will even put on a hat and stand in the corner to watch them.  For her, this is gratifying.    

While Chiefs fans flocked to the marquee, Pumphouse staff were busy getting ready for the couple of hundred people they were expecting.  

Manager Emily Safris told KAKE News they concocted two signature drinks for the night. The Swelce and the KC Drop. 

Safris also said, for those that have one too many, she might hand you a water and say, "Hey, I'm responsible for you right now and this is what I need you to do because I want to make sure that you are safe and not hurt anybody else if you leave here."