WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The people of Wichita are getting ready for the big game this weekend in a variety of ways from buying cookies to rocking red all week long. 

“I’m pulling for the Chiefs all the way, they need to show up to the game, it's going to be a tough game but I think they’re going to persevere and win the game,” said Dennis Travis, Chiefs fan. 

Dennis Travis picked up more than a dozen cookies from River City Sweet Shop in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday. 

It's been extremely busy as the bakers have worked overtime to keep up with the demand for all things chiefs, Super Bowl, and sweet. 

Owners tell KAKE that the Chiefs cookies are even more popular this year than when the Chiefs played in Super Bowls of the past. 

On Thursday, River City Sweet Shop made and sold more than 600 Chiefs cookies. 

“It’s super fun to be able to provide to people that for which they are looking for, you know, it's been a lot of fun for us and then a lot of times people will call because everyone else has turned them away because they’re too busy. We kinda just make it happen, we’ve worked til midnight most nights this week just to make sure that we keep people happy and in Chiefs cookies,” said Kim Snare, owner of River City Sweet Shop. 

River City Sweet Shop offers all kinds of Chiefs cookies-from Andy Reid's frozen mustache, to Travis Kelce's brother Jason's celebration and more.


“So the one that’s unique to us is the Mahomes boxers, because of his lucky boxers that Brittany before his first start in Kansas City so I think we’re the only ones that does those and so that’s been really fun for us. But Mahomes' face is probably the most popular cookie, which is super cute too,” said Snare. 

People across Wichita are celebrating the Chiefs in many ways, not just with cookies. Churches in town are excited about the Chiefs playing Sunday, a Chiefs themed bus was in the ICT, and students at Honey Tree and Branches Academy all dressed in red and Chiefs gear to wish the team the best in Vegas. 

“If they win then it’ll be awesome,” said Perrin Greene, an 8 year-old Chiefs fan.

It seems like almost everyone in Wichita will be tuning into the big game Sunday and hoping for a big red win. 

“The last time I had these cookies, the Chiefs won the Superbowl. So I'm not superstitious but there is that,” said Travis. 

River City Sweet Shop will even be open on Super Bowl Sunday until 3 p.m. so folks can pick up their choice of Chiefs cookies or cake.