SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KAKE) - Sedgwick County Commissioners voted Wednesday against a contract to allow the Dam Jam music festival at Lake Afton in July. 

During Wednesday's meeting, two main issues were raised about the crowd size and some content at the event.

Sheriff Jeff Easter says the contract allowed for 9,000 spectators and the crowd would require 20 sheriff's deputies on site. If anything happened, Easter said, he would need to bring in deputies to cover the shift. 

Commissioners David Dennis and Jim Howell raised concerns about some adult content in the show and wanting to maintain a family-friendly event. Dennis specifically mentioned Wheeler Walker Jr., a country musician with songs titled "F**k this Job," "F**k You B**ch" and "Born to F**k." 

Howell says he listened to Walker's lyrics and called them "X-rated." 

"I adore the First Amendment," Howell said. "I understand people will say things I don't like, that's part of the First Amendment and that's okay... On the flip side of that, I am bothered a little bit. I heard about this particular act and Google'd their name some of their songs popped right up and I did a quick search for the lyrics and, I am telling you, they're X-rated. I couldn't read them in front of you today if I tried." 

Promoters promised at the meeting to work with the county on the issues and attempt to make the Dam Jam more "family-friendly," but emphasized that the artist is already under contract. 

"He is pretty silly, I will admit that. But I don't want to maybe look into something that would make a change to that, you know, we have spent quite a bit of funding for these acts," said Dam Jam organizer CJ Wilson. 

Dam Jam is planned to take place at Lake Afton on July 19th and 20th. 

After the meeting, Wilson said she has no comment at this time and will reach out after consulting with attorneys.