WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The low temperatures in Wichita may discourage some people from spending time outdoors, but the Sedgwick County Zoo welcomed a new friend that may just sway the masses.

The zoo welcomed a new 8-month-old Clydesdale named Tartan to its stable.

The nearly 5-foot-tall horse was born in Goddard last year and was brought to the Sedgwick County Zoo in December.

Zookeeper Kailey Toscano tells KAKE that when any animal arrives at the zoo they first have to go through a number of tests before being put on exhibit.

"He had to go through quarantine to make sure he doesn't have anything that can be transferred to any of the other zoo animals around us. He fit in nicely. He didn't come in and cause trouble even though he's a kid. He just was like, okay I hang out with these guys and we just do our own thing."

Tartan has even befriended an elder in the barn. Zookeepers describe 26-year-old draft mule Banshee as Tartan's best friend. They also say she's taken the lead on his training on the pasture.

Toscano said, "In the evenings when they go out to pasture, he finds her and buddy's up and then the rest of the night, all they do is hangout and they eat hay. She has actually helped us not have to teach him and so he has learned some different things about pasture from her."

While he'd been getting used to his new home and family, Tartan even got himself adjusted for the class of preschool students who paid him a visit.