Wichita, Kan. (KAKE) - For months local tattoo artist Bryan Parsons and event coordinator Steve Roseberry have been planning the RiverCity Tattoo and LifeStyle Expo, hoping to have it at Century II.

"I'm very passionate about tattoos and the art of it. It's honestly something that changed my life," said Bryan Parsons, the owner of Addictions in Ink.

He has been a tattoo artist for 25 years and is wanting to make tattoos mainstream in Wichita.

"A lot of people would distance themselves amongst people who are heavily tattooed. Now some people don't even bat an eye at it so we're trying to continue that image," he explained.

For ten years he's been wanting to have a large tattoo convention at Century II. He was telling his client and owner of Virtual Effect Management, Steve Roseberry about it during one of Steve's sessions last August. He was immediately intrigued and the two have been working on it ever since.

"As I was getting tattooed, him and I just started dreaming and brainstorming and bringing this to fruition in our minds," Roseberry said.

While they've been planning there was one major problem. A city ordinance that bans tattoos in the central business district. However, Parsons and Roseberry refused to let that stop them from pursuing their idea.

"We first reached out to Maggie Ballard with the City Council to try to amend some of the zoning for Century II," Parsons said describing all the work they've been doing with both city and state to be able to hold the event.

Tuesday the City Council unanimously decided to change the zoning law, giving the expo the green light.

"Feels great. Trying to work on this for ten years, feels great that it's finally about to happen," said Parson with a smile on his face.

Parson and Roseberry are excited to see their planning come to life. They say the convention will include tons of different vendors including working tattoo artists, barbers, tattoo cover up stations, and more. They are also working on getting well known tattoo artists to come.

They tell us the response they've gotten online has already been incredible and they're expecting this to be a big convention bringing people from all over to Wichita.

The exact date of the convention is still up in the air but they say they're looking for it to be in early summer.