TOPEKA, Kan. (KAKE) - Late last year, state lawmakers began filing bills for the upcoming legislative session.

One of which is HB 2479 which may interest Kansas who own Teslas.

It would allow companies to sell cars in Kansas directly if they're not already being sold by a dealership in the state.

Sponsor Brett Fairchild said that this would help the thousands of Kansans who own Teslas or want to own them.  Tesla currently has no service area or dealership in the state.

“The point of the bill, from my perspective, is just to allow Tesla to be able to sell their own vehicles in Kansas, because that way if they could sell their own vehicles, that would basically encourage them to be able to open up more service centers in Kansas as well,” Fairchild said.

One of the earliest bills to be filed was HB 2475 which says school districts in the state wouldn't be allowed to begin classes until after Labor Day.

“We have to go to school during the hottest month of the year,” says Wichita paraprofessional Pamela Sawyer-McNutt. “It's got to cost more, and nobody can focus because they're too hot. So I'm all for it.”

Lawmakers have also been in touch with voters who want to see changes in the law.

Representative Nick Hoheisel has been working with a mother who lost her son to suicide after he was encouraged to do so.

A bill being drafted by Hoheisel would make it a felony to encourage someone to take their own life. 

“We are doing a poor job in the state of Kansas, when it comes to preventing suicide, and especially with our youth,” Hoheisel said. “And that's a problem I have, you know, two children of my own. So it kind of hits you on the personal side that that could be your child in this situation.”

These bills are just scratching the surface of legislation that’s already been filed.

There are a number that would rename highways and streets in Kansas as well, and at least one that weighs in on the water rights fight over the Quivira Wetlands.