WELLINGTON, Kan. (KAKE) - Wednesday the city of Wellington lifted a boil water advisory after being placed on it Saturday. It's an annoyance but businesses in town have been learning to deal with situations like this. 

“I think we’re well into the hundreds of dollars just for additional expenses and stuff like that that’s above and beyond what we’d normally have,” said Kip Etter, Dore Bar and Grill owner.

Etter has had to figure out how to run a bar without safe water coming from the tap. 

“It doesn’t seem like it but it’s a lot of extra work. I mean, you know you don’t want to buy too much stuff because as soon as the boil water advisory is lifted, then at that point that stuff is not going to be used or its not as needed I guess if you will,” said Etter. 

Restaurants in Wellington have had to purchase canned or liters of soda, bottled water, ice, and make other adjustments. 

“And I know that this isn’t just something that is unique to Wellington, it’s something that a lot of municipalities are dealing with. The infrastructure is aging and there’s you know issues and stuff with the water system. But I think overall our city does a really good job in regards to providing water and safe water and providing that to us,” said Etter. 

This city has dealt with two boil water advisories in the past six months but for very different reasons.

“We’re treating this with an abundance of caution to make sure that we’re providing the best quality of water for our residents,” said Jeff Porter, Wellington city manager.

Back in August, blue green algae caused issues in the water quality creating the need for a boil water advisory. 

On December 30, the water treatment plant suffered a pump malfunction that was simple to remedy, but due to unfortunate timing of the holiday weekend, the boil advisory stayed in place longer than usual. 

So while the issue itself was fixed the same day, labs were closed for the holiday so it was not until lunchtime Wednesday that restaurants in town could begin normal service again. 

Fabiola’s is another restaurant in town who had to adjust its practices recently. 

“We definitely take precautions in our kitchen- everything is boiled and we just use canned sodas, canned waters, stuff like that. This happened not too long ago as well so we kind of knew what to do this time,” said Kristina Renova, manager at Fabiola’s.