WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - New Year's Eve is tomorrow and restaurants and bars in Wichita are preparing to take on one of the busiest days of the year. 

“New Year's Eve is going to be wild fun,” said Walker Jones, owner of Walker’s Jazz Lounge.

Just because Walker’s Jazz Lounge has only been open 16 days does not mean they don’t know how to throw a good party. For New Year's they are hosting a sold-out show with a local jazz band.

“Being here is honestly going to be magical and just being able to check people in and like I said see those smiles on people’s faces, it makes my day. I absolutely love that,” said Jones.

But just because Walker’s Jazz Lounge is sold out, does not mean Wichita is lacking options. Plenty of places around town are ringing in the new year in a bunch of different ways. 

“For New Year's Eve, we’re going to have a big balloon drop at midnight. We're also going to do a champagne toast but inside of the balloons we’re dropping there’s going to be a bunch of prizes, you can get stuff like our glasses or merchandise and some other fun stuff,” said Torrin Schiesser, host at Nortons Brewing Company. 

Nortons Brewing Company could have more than 300 people packed in to celebrate, drink some locally made craft beer and enjoy the night with friends. 

A different, more kid-friendly option? Bronx Pizza & Pints. 

“We’re going to be having karaoke from 9- midnight. It’ll be a family-friendly affair. All ages are welcome, we’ll be open all day. And then we’ll be ringing in the new year with champagne toasts and drink specials all day,” said Justin Precht, owner of Bronx Pizza & Pints.

If you are interested in a more high-end experience, Wichita New Year’s Eve has options for that too. 6S is a West side fine dining restaurant offering a fixed menu, live music, and celebrations until 10 p.m. for those who might want to turn in a little early. 

“I just love seeing everyone come in and they’re dressed to the nines, they treat New Year's Eve as a way to really step out and that’s my favorite part. It’s really comparable to when prom season rolls around, we get to see all the kids in their dresses and this time we get to see everyone dressed up so it’s a lot of fun,” said Chrysta Gillum, assistant general manager 6S.

No matter what you prefer, there is a celebration for everyone in Wichita for New Year's, just remember… “Stay safe and if you have to, call an Uber,” said Schiesser.