WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - As school gets out at a west-side elementary school, para Pamela Sawyer-McNutt realizes just how long this semester has been.

"I really don't know why we start as early as we do," Sawyer-McNutt said.

School started August 15th, pushing many families to get back to school shopping done and vacations wrapped up.

However, in a few years families may not have to rush to get new supplies.

Three Kansas lawmakers have introduced House Bill 2475, which says school districts in the state wouldn't be allowed to begin classes until after Labor Day.

"We have to go to school during the hottest month of the year," Sawyer-McNutt said. "So it's got to cost more, and nobody can focus because they're too hot."

The Pew Research Center says schools may be forced to adjust their start times if their air conditioners can't keep up with rising temperatures.

The proposed bill could help with that.

While some people love the idea of waiting until after Labor Day to start classes, some aren't thrilled with the proposed change.

"I prefer to keep it the way it is right now," says parent and educator Cira DeSantiago. "Because I feel like that Labor Day weekend kind of gives the kids a break from the routine that they just had to start from being off all summer long."

If passed, the new law would take effect during the 2025-2026 school year.