WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Drivers can expect delays if they plan to travel along I-135 in Wichita's north junction on Saturday and Sunday so crews can work on a new bridge.

This is one of the phases of the North Junction Project, where they’re going to be removing an overhang bracket on a bridge and there is a lot that goes into it.

“That's a busy road, especially on a Saturday. It's going to be a mess, it will be a mess. Wherever they detour off I feel sorry for them people,” said Cody Andrews, a driver.

Andrews drives on I-135 daily to make deliveries for his business. He'll be one of many drivers facing delays over the weekend. The project manager of Wichita's North Junction explains what we can expect.

“A lot of headaches. There are dozens of people and multiple entities. It's never fun trying to handle 3500 cars an hour and how to navigate them around the city, just a lot of congestion,” said Jarret Gowdy, Project Manager.

Crews will be working to connect I-235 directly to K-96. This weekend they'll be working on a major part of the project.

“This weekend the bridge that takes you across the interstate for eastbound 96, we're going to be removing the overhang brackets and forms and all the forming underneath the bridge deck. So it should be one of the simpler closures we have,” said Gowdy.

On Saturday I-135 Southbound will be closed from 6:30 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. including from I-235 South to 29th Street North. Traffic will be diverted.

Then on Sunday I-135 Northbound will be closed. Andrews says he plans to avoid this area altogether.

“I'll either come up over 81 Highway Broadway or come up one of the backroads. I'll just take the backroads probably. And allow myself maybe another 30 minutes to get here,” said Andrews.

Both the project manager and KDOT say to avoid the area over the weekend if you can. The bridge where the overhang is expected to be completed by next year. But the entire is expected to be done in December of 2026.