HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KAKE) - Excaret Mexico Bar and Grill in Haysville has been open for nearly 4 years now.

Owner Mirna Gomez says opening up right as the coronavirus pandemic was starting, "was a challenge" but she said, "the community in Haysville was wonderful. They definitely support us."

Gomez says since the Excaret has opened, she has noticed the city around it get larger.

“I've came from a big city. Having a small city, seeing it grow the way it's growing, It's a wonderful for everybody."

She’s not the only one to see it. The City’s Economic Development Director Danielle Gabor said the city is looking at ways to keep up with its growing population. One way is with its restaurant incentive program that is designed to help new restaurants get up and going.

“Originally was $5,000 and it was just for a steakhouse and a coffee shop and we increased that number recently to $15,000. It also includes a fast food or quick service dining restaurant," explained Gabor.

Gabor says adding more restaurants in the city gives more options for both Haysville residents and people in nearby cities like Wichita to visit and spend their money. 

"Giving more options to to the community definitely helps with that growth. It makes it more enticing to live here."

Gomez says she supports the idea and thinks the community will as well. 

"It is somewhere that you can definitely start and I have been here already for four years. I'm not planning to leave. I love it."

To learn more about the program and how to apply, you can click here.