LYONS, Kan. (KAKE) - Multiple businesses are temporarily closed after a roof collapsed Sunday morning in Lyons and one business owner is left devastated.

Amanda Byard is the owner of County Seat Bar and Grill, one of the two businesses that were most impacted by the roof collapse. She says she had stayed there working late the night before when she was suddenly awoken by multiple phone calls telling her the news.

"Honestly I fell to the ground and just started crying," Byard said.

She says she opened the bar and grill in Lyons six years ago and enjoys it. However now she's being forced to take a break and she doesn't know how long it will last.

"I mean the roof is gone. The structure of the building is not good," she said.

The roof over County Seat Bar and Grill and Yeraldi's Boutique collapsed around 10 a.m. Sunday morning. The city says emergency crews responded immediately and because it was Sunday no one was inside the buildings so no one was hurt. However several shops in the area had to temporarily close for safety while the city figures out what to do next.

"We were able to barricade off the area on advice of a structural engineer to be able to continue to provide for our public safety here," explained City Administrator Eddy Truelove.

Right now the road in front of the building is shut down to two lanes. Truelove says he expects it to take about two weeks to have it reopen.

The next step is waiting for a structural engineer to come and inspect the building to make sure there's not a bigger problem. They will also make a full report so the city can make an informed decision with how it proceeds. Truelove says he is working on getting an engineer there as soon as possible.

"We want to make sure that the structures are completely safe for the occupants," he said.

Truelove says the city will feel a hit financially. The businesses like boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops generate a lot of sales tax for the city. Especially during the holidays which are one of the busier times of the year. However this isn't his focus.

"It's not about the revenue. It's about how to open these businesses so they can enjoy their jobs and overall have good places for the community," he explains.

The city is rallying together to show support. This afternoon Byard was surrounded by family and friends as they went into the building, with fire fighters, to get some items out of the restaurant.

She says she doesn't know what exactly the next steps are and won't until the structural engineer makes a full assessment but she's hoping to re-open.