WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Maize Police Department has released a timeline of events leading up to Monday's shooting near Menards that critically injured a suspect and wounded an officer. 

Police Chief Jeff Weible said in a release that officers were assisting Wichita police with a shoplifting call at Menards at 37th and Maize Road. Here's what the chief says happened:

  • 1:44:10 p.m.: Menards Loss Prevention (LP) called 9-1-1 to report a known shoplifter inside the store. The suspect was reported to have taken merchandise from the store without payment at least two known times in the past.
  • 1:46:13: Menards LP confronted suspect.
  • 1:46:27: Suspect ran towards Maize Road - no loss - LP recovered merchandise.
  • 1:47:08: Menards LP approached the suspect in the parking lot of the store.
  • 1:48:13: Suspect walked towards the Auto Zone with Menards LP following at safe distance. Menards LP requested officers “trespass” the suspect from store (“trespass” meaning, to provide documentation to the suspect that legally bars him from re-entering the store).
  • 1:49:22: Suspect crossed Maize Road on foot. Maize PD Officer #1 saw the suspect and attempted to stop him on the west side of Maize Road. The suspect did not comply with the officer, concealed his hand inside his jacket, and walked east toward the Take 5 Oil Change. Officer #1 followed the suspect in his patrol car. The suspect continued to disregard the officers’ orders to stop. The suspect walked south toward Club Carwash. The officer drove around to the east and south to attempt to intercept the suspect on the south side of the carwash.
  • 1:52:01: Officer #1 lost visual of the suspect.
  • 1:53:10: Officer #1 was directed by a citizen to a stormwater drain in the traffic way of the parking lot on the south side of Take 5 Oil Change. Officer #1 found the suspect hiding in the drain under a grated cover.
  • 1:53:27: Officer #1 confronted the suspect and ordered him out of the drain. The suspect did not comply and told Officer #1 that he had a gun which Officer #1 relayed to other incoming officers. 
  • 1:53:47: Two additional Maize PD Officers arrived at the location. The suspect lifted the grate cover and stood up, exposing his upper torso to the officers, but did not climb out of the drain. Officer #1 ordered the suspect to show officers his hands, but the suspect again refused to comply. Additional orders were given to show his hands and he refused to comply. Maize PD Officer #2 approached the suspect from behind and grabbed for the suspect’s right hand, which the suspect had tucked inside his jacket, and grabbed the suspect around the left shoulder with his left hand. Officer #1 grabbed the back of the suspect’s jacket collar.
  • 1:53:56: Maize PD Officer #3 Officer ordered the suspect to show his hands. The suspect pulled his right hand out from under his jacket in a very quick and deliberate motion and pointed it towards Officer #3. 
  • 1:53:59: Officer #3 fired two shots at the suspect. Officers #1 and #2 pulled the suspect from the drain to a seated position outside the drain with his legs still in the drain. Officer #2 retreated backwards and away from the suspect because he suffered a gunshot wound to a finger of his left hand.

"Maize Police Officers have been trained in tactical medicine and carry tactical medical kits," Chief Weible said. "The officers immediately began rendering aid to the suspect and the officer on scene. As they were rendering aid, the suspect tells officers, 'Let me die, I came out to die today.'”

The 41-year-old suspect, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized in critical condition, but his injury was not life-threatening. He will be released in the next few days, and a warrant has been issued by the Wichita Police Department for aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

The injured 51-year-old officer, who has been in law enforcement for 29 years, was treated and released.

The officer who shot the suspect is a 39-year-old man with seven years of law enforcement experience. Both officers were placed on administrative leave.