Dozens of neglected horses rescued from farm, owner charged

DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa (KCCI) – The Second Chance Ranch on the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s campus is where a number of horses will begin their recovery.

Dozens of horses were seized from a farm in Dallas County, Iowa, just north of Granger.

Scarring could be seen in their fur and some open wounds appeared too graphic to show.

Robyn Dobernecker, with the Animal Rescue League, was a witness to the brutal conditions the horses were living in.

“So there was limited food for them on the property and some of them had water, some of them did not have access to water, some of them were living in their own filth,” she said.

The farm belongs to 78-year-old Linda Kilbourne. The Dallas County Sheriff said dead horses were also discovered in the farm’s pasture.

Kilbourne was charged with livestock neglect and a simple misdemeanor, but the sheriff said more charges are pending.

Neighbors said this has been a problem for years. The horses would often escape the farm and roam free around the rural neighborhood.

They’d be seen eating alfalfa, relieving themselves all over the place and standing in the road.

“It was sad obviously to go in there and see that and see their conditions,” Dobernecker said.

Between the injuries and no record of vaccinations, Dobernecker said veterinarian care would take some time with additional assistance coming from Iowa State University.

“Then they’ll be called as needed, which will probably be pretty regularly to be honest,” Dobernecker said.