WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Chiefs fans in Wichita always show up in big ways for game day, but this Sunday, it will be a unique situation.

"We're gonna be opening at 8:30 in the morning," said Paul Gutierrez, manager of Bronx Pizza & Pints near 21st and Amidon.

"I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty packed early in the morning," said Tasia Williams with Mulligan's Pub near K96 and Rock.

These aren't typically things you hear at places like bars and pizza joints, but Gutierrez and Williams are preparing for a very unusual day.

"First time we've done this. First time we've sold biscuits and gravy, so yeah, it'll be the first time," said Gutierrez.

"We are actually doing breakfast tacos," said Williams.

They're talking about Sunday morning. Since the Chiefs vs Dolphins game is happening in Germany, it starts at 8:30 a.m. in Wichita, but both of their doors will be open.

"We got plenty of TVs for the game... definitely please come watch football," said Gutierrez.

"It's first come, first serve, so I really do think it's going to be pretty busy, especially since, you know, we have a heap of Chiefs fans," said Williams.

Whether you live on the west or east side, Mulligans and Bronx will both have plenty of breakfast options, drink specials, and of course, every TV will be on the Chiefs.

Being such a unique time for a big game, Gutierrez and Williams say they're not sure what to expect, but they know what they're hoping for.

"I hope we can't find a place to sit. That's what I'm hoping happens. But we're staffed up for it... I hope people come out and enjoy the game at eight o'clock in the morning," said Gutierrez.

"I'm hoping that they win. With us, you know, going all out for this special event, I'm hoping that they win. And I do hope that we are kind of busy," said Williams.

There are also lots of other places making plans to open early. If you'd like to see who is participating, check out this comprehensive list put together by local food blog Wichita by E.B.