CAPE CORAL, Florida (WBBH) -- The owners of Roof EZ just announced a Thanksgiving special unlike any other you’ll find in Southwest Florida. If you purchase a roof during the month of November, not only will you get a free frozen turkey, but you’ll also get a free AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

“The turkey will get you all sitting at the table so you can spend time together. The roof will protect your home, and the AR-15 will protect your family,” said Jason Polly, President of Roof EZ.

It’s a package deal that Polly thought couldn’t be any better for his customers this Thanksgiving.

“I actually saw this idea; a company actually did it in Alabama,” he said. “I figured, hey, we’re in Florida. This is the most Florida thing you can do. Let’s do it.”

Of all the weird and wacky things imaginable to throw into their “Roof and Gobble” special, why did he choose a semi-automatic rifle?

“Everybody needs an AR-15,” Polly said. “The world’s a crazy place right now, and they can get a roof and an AR-15 for protection on both ends, why not? And to promote gun safety. Everyone needs to know how to handle a gun safely.”

Is it enough to convince some Floridians to hire his company? It depends on who you ask.

“No. I don’t think so,” said Buddy Rousey.

“It’s a good idea. Everyone should have one. It’s our right,” said James Robertson. “You wanna tickle my fancy? Give me a $20,000 boat for my $20,000 roof.”

The Roof EZ team isn’t just driving around Southwest Florida with a cooler full of frozen turkeys and a small armory in the trunk. If you want in on the deal, you have to go through the same steps as if you were actually purchasing a firearm.

They’re using the local arms deal Shoot Center in Cape Coral to facilitate the promotion.

“You got to get a background check. You can’t have any felonies,” Polly said. “Once you pass your background check, you can go pick it up in three days.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t have my roof done just for that,” responded Rousey.

What if you’re like Rousey and don’t want the gun?

“That’s their preference. If they don’t want the AR-15, we’ll give them $500 off their roof,” said Polly.

That’s how much the AR-15 is worth.

Still think this is all just a marketing ploy? Well, you’re right. But it’s already working.

“We’ve already got 5-8 customers ready to go Nov. 1,” Polly said.

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