WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - An update on an unfinished Northeast Wichita apartment complex that's been sitting for years. Wednesday neighbors met with city leaders and developers to learn that work has finally resumed.

Near the intersection of 127th East and 21st North, construction began in 2020 then sat unfinished for years. It wasn't until residents started raising concerns months ago, the construction company Calamar began making lots of progress.

"We just want to continue to hold them accountable and have concrete details of the progress and what their goals are during the next 30 days, during the time that they have to renew their permit again,” said Jessica Dibble, an organizer of the meetings.

Jessica Dibble had pressing questions for the vice president of construction operations of Calamar. He came from Buffalo, New York to show the progress that's been made and address residents' concerns directly. Jessica tells us, she is satisfied so far.

"In the last 60 days, we have seen a lot of progress of where they're keeping the site a lot cleaner. They're making progress with the stone. They've installed windows. And so tonight we are feeling really positive about the progress that they have shown,” said Dibble.

Robert Pyszczynski says he is projecting the apartment building to be finished sometime in the spring. But in order for Calamar's permit to be extended another 30 days, it has to continue building.

"Continue on with the exterior of the building, with the siding and the stone. Continue with the rough-ins, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and the fire suppression. Continue keeping the job site clean and cleanly for all the neighbors,” said Pyszczynski.

The City of Wichita has been watching this project closely. The director of the Building and Construction Department doesn't have a lot of faith in the promised completion date but is happy with the progress.

"It's ambitious, that may happen, I do think that's ambitious. That is part of project management. Our only requirement is that the project is progressing and that they are continuing to comply with code, comply with all legal requirements,” said Chris Labrum, Director of Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department.

As long as Calamar continues to make progress on this apartment building the City says its permit will be renewed in 30 days. There will be another meeting at the end of this month or early next month.