CANTON, Kan. (KAKE) - More than 100 people bundled up for a public auction, just outside of Canton, Kansas, where 62 bison were up for bid. 

“I just love seeing them and I think they're a beautiful animal and I just always have since I was a kid,” said Steve Dauber, an auction attendee with intentions to buy bison next year. 

Some lucky folks got to go home with bison of their very own. 

“We got about 20 heads gathered up today, which range between yearling calves, some older cows, and some 2 year old and yearling bulls,” said Skyler Driggers, an auction attendee that came all the way from Oklahoma. 

The auction was put on by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and it is an annual event dating back to 1978. 

 “These guys do a great job of handling the bison and gathering them up. The body condition on these animals is outstanding, given the weather conditions and with the droughts that we've had over the last few years,” said Driggers.

Prices varied for different animals - the cheapest was a $550 bull calf and the most expensive was a $1900 two year old bull. People gathered at the auction for a variety of reasons. 

“I thought I’d try to buy one to butcher,” said Nathan Esau. 

“I've always been really interested in owning a buffalo and so we came out to just kind of see how like the auction goes and how much the buffalo run for,” said Janora Peterson, a young person with a passion for animals.

“My grandpa raised buffalo and we’re looking to do the same. We’re buying the family farm and hoping to get buffalo next year,” said Dauber. 

But don’t knock bison meat if you have not tried it!

“A lot of health benefits to it as well. They have lower cholesterol, higher protein than your traditional beef. So if you're looking to be on kind of the healthier aspect of things, and it definitely, definitely it's an improvement,” said Driggers.

Whether you were there to buy or just to learn more, everyone got the chance to get up close and personal with the state animal of Kansas.