WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - It's no secret that finding housing of any kind in Wichita is difficult right now, let alone affordable housing, and now, tenants of one low-income apartment building got a 30-day notice to leave because it's getting torn down.

"I was like, well, the holidays are coming up, that's not real cool. And how am I supposed to move," said Roger Nelson.

Nelson lives in the C-Rae apartment building at 520 E Central next to the Nifty Nut House. Friday, he was in the hospital getting ready for a total hip replacement surgery, and said he couldn't believe the news his neighbor Steven Meisel told him.

"Notice is hereby given that your tenancy of the above-described premises is terminated as of November 5th, 2023," said Meisel, reading the vacate notice.

The property manager left the notice on all 22 units, giving the residents 30 days to get out. Owner Steve Jahn, who also owns the Nifty Nut House, decided to tear down the building to add more parking.

But just a day away from being on bed rest for two months, Nelson says the timing couldn't be worse.

"He's [Meisel] going to be helping take care of me when I'm recovering. And we had planned, since we both live in the same building, he could use my car, do errands, get things done for me, whatever. And then so, if we end up getting into places that are miles apart, it's not going to really be practical," said Nelson.

Meisel says his biggest concern is how anyone will be able to find or even afford to move somewhere else in just 30 days, especially with a big shortage of affordable housing in the city. Rent at the C-Rae building starts at just $200-some per month.

"You're mad at first. And then you kind of get a little depressed because, okay, where am I gonna go? What am I going to do? You know, I'm on social security. So I can't pay, you know, $650-$700 a month for rent," said Meisel.

Nelson says with month-to-month leases, he understands the owner has the right to do what he wants with the building, but his hope is to just get a little more time.

"Had I been given enough notice, it'd be less of an issue. But I didn't realize what the market would be like going into the holidays," said Nelson.

We spoke with owner Steve Jahn, who says he understands the frustration.

"It's unfortunate, but this is something that's been in the works since 2018 when I bought the building," Jahn said.