WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Friends University has been marking the occasion of Constitution Day for several years by inviting civic leaders to speak to students about how the United States Constitution guides them.

This year, both candidates for Wichita mayor attended the 'Path to Public Service' event.

Incumbent Mayor Brandon Whipple said his journey in civic life began with wanting to help people in the community.

"I kind of wanted to be one of those people in policy," Whipple said. "And so I wanted to actually be around the folks that can make positive change in our state."

Challenger Lily Wu said the constitution not only influenced her to get into public life, but influenced her and her family to come to America.

"As an immigrant to this country, 30 years ago, the Constitution and American values have really shaped who I am," Wu said. "My parents had a dream of one day coming to America because they believe in what this country stands for."

After their speeches, the participants took questions from the crowd.

Friends Political Science Professor Russell Arben Fox said that although this isn't a campaign event, he feels it's important for young voters to know what the constitution means to the candidates.

"They're talking about the personal decisions and their understanding of their place as citizens, which led them to want to run for office in the first place," Fox said.

City council member Brandon Johnson, and city council candidate Dalton Glasscock also attended Monday's event.