WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- “I heard that they're trying to break a record this evening. So I wanted to come support and see if I can help out with that,” said Ashlie Weber, an attendee of Saturday night’s Wichita Wind Surge Pack the Park event. 

Ashlie Weber is just one attendee of thousands at the now historic Wichita Wind Surge game. 

“So our goal tonight is to get to the first official sell out in search history of 10,000 plus,” said Bob Moullette, the general manager of the Wichita Wind Surge.

The big news? Pack the Park worked and Riverfront Stadium saw record attendance with 10,442 attendees Saturday. 

The Wichita Wind Surge has seen huge growth this year, in fact, they had the biggest attendance jump of any minor league baseball team this season. 

The average game attendance this year for Riverfront Stadium is 4,661 people, a big jump from last years 3,341 person a game average. 

“It just goes to show that Wichita is a baseball town. It's a supportive town and they really want to see this entire endeavor work and it makes us happy to see this many people in the building,” said Moullette. 

Riverfront stadium acts as more than just a place for baseball games, but a community activity center, with basketball courts, drinks for the grown ups, places for kids to throw baseballs, and so much more. 

“It really brings people together, and I know it gives great business to everyone around. I always like to go to the restaurants right around here before or after the game. So I think it's really great,” said Weber. 

Many people say the actual stadium is one of the most special elements of a Wind Surge game. 

“It feels like a major league stadium, but being as accessible as it is. I like that I can walk from my apartment here. I don't have to plan for parking and everything. It's really nice,” said David White, another Wind Surge attendee. 

“You know this was meant to be a gathering place for Wichita and also the state of Kansas. Right by the river, so if you're on the east side or the west side of the river, you're here, you know, to have a good time and create memories and that's what makes us excited!” said Moullette.