WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - "It's nice to have everything under one roof and just be able to, instead of work in my physical living space all the time, be able to come downstairs and have that option," said resident Cody Mastropietro. 

What was once the Union National Bank at 150 N. Main Street has transformed into luxury residential living in downtown Wichita. The building has rebranded itself as a 10-story, 151 luxury apartment mixed-used development called The National, offering a live-work-play environment.  

General Manager Jharon Ellis said, "It's truly a live, work, and play community we've created right here in Wichita. You can live, you can come down, work in one of our co-working spaces, step out enjoy the amenities that we have." 

Ellis said they are currently preleasing the co-working space, Commerce. She said with so many people working from home, The National serves as a great place to have everything in one, amenities, work space, and a living area.  

Ellis said they opened in August and already have a wait list. More floors will be available in October and November and a 24-hour convenience store is soon to follow.  

For more information on how you can become a resident or access membership for the co-working space, you can visit their website here.