WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - The Red Cross has declared a national blood shortage, saying donations are down 25% from normal supplies. Local Red Cross Centers are begging for donors and help.

The Red Cross in Wichita says it's been dealing with trouble finding people to work at blood donation sites. The good news is people are consistently coming out to donate.

“There's a need for blood and I work in healthcare, so giving blood is important,” said Darian Taylor, a blood donor.

Darian Taylor gave up about an hour of her Thursday afternoon donating blood to help save lives. And to combat a serious shortage of supplies. And, she hopes others do the same.

“It’s definitely an issue, the more people who can donate the better. It's sad that we have a national shortage,” said Taylor.

“The American Red Cross is currently short about 30,000 units of blood. We like to take in about 12,500 units a day. So we are down 25% since August,” said Logan Wright, Regional Communications Manager.

Wright says that's being caused by a lot of factors. A busy travel season, back to school, and natural disasters. She says the situation is becoming more serious each day.

“We are allocating blood as quickly as we can. But the hospital need is outstripping the units we're taking in. And that's very troubling,” said Wright.

Wright says another issue is that blood donated in Wichita doesn't necessarily stay here, or even in Kansas.

“Oftentimes donations do cross state lines. I know personally when I donate blood here in Kansas sometimes it goes to Oklahoma and Texas as well depending on the need,” said Wright.

The Red Cross says it needs all blood types. And, as we mentioned, it also needs people to take those donations. So it's hoping to get more workers as well. If you’d like to donate blood, click here.